5G Technology Is About To Revolutionize Smart City Classification!

5G Technology Is About To Revolutionize Smart City Classification!

 As the world becomes more interconnected every day so we need something that gives acceleration on connection and gives high speed and low-latency feature. This will support the sensors underlying the internet of things and revolutionize the city experience. The next preference is wireless broadband is on the rim of speed up that trend. New 5G wireless technology is able to do this feature easily and this also supports the low-latency feature that power many smart city technologies. Verizon’s plan to test the technology in 10-11 municipalities and result was efficient and give a positive impact on the cities business. Samir Saini, CIO for Atlanta. “I don’t think people realize what a leap 5G is from 4G,” he says. “5G is effectively the speed you get from a direct fibre connection.”The Verizon’s 5G technology was formed in 2015. The cooperation was with Cisco System, Ericsson, Intel, LG, Nokia, Samsung and Qualcomm. All of them admit that project 5G technology is expanded or can say the widest test to date the arising technology with trials in Atlanta; Ann Arbor, Mich.; Bernardsville, N.J.; Brockton, Mass.; Dallas; Denver; Houston; Miami; Sacramento, Calif.; Seattle; and Washington, D.C5G offers the opportunity for range of uses. cities are now live and when a more widespread commercial deployment may occur likely will be released in late 2018.

It is not officially released but in some countries, they have been launched on a trial basis, But officially it releases in late 2018 or maybe in mid of 2018. You’ll be happy to know that it’s also released in India in Kolkata. I don’t know if it is released to normal people or some special people like VIPs and VVIPs. But I’m sure this technology will going to be the best technology of this Decade. 5G technology will provide the fastest network ever. It’ll resolve the problem we’re facing nowadays.

I guess 4G was fastest when it was released, people were satisfied but after the release of VoltE network, it becomes worse sometimes. But no doubt the speed of internet decreased after the release of VoltE. We must thank Ambani Sir for this Volte Technology because Volte is fast but the usage is increased as Ambani Sir was providing it for free (no offence).

But what do think? The price of 5G will be affordable for middle-class people or not? Like today we can afford 4G so easily but Do you really think that we can afford 5G? 

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So, if you’re expecting that the 5G will be the fastest network ever then you’re right it will be the fastest network ever. And we will pray that our Indian Government will launch this at low prices so that everyone can afford.

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