Best Android Games, Must Play Games On Android To Everyone

Best Android Games

Howdy guys, here I am with the most rated and best android games. Hope you like it-


One of the Best Android Games, this game should be on the top of my list. PUBG, the game developed by the Tencent and goes on blasting the gaming market. This game is one of those games which are available on almost every smartphone these days. The game is really addictive. This game provides the huge platform to connect and play against each other in a single round. The players play against each other. 100 players compete.

Best Android Games

The new update makes the game more interesting. The war mode makes the game more interesting. Some issues are the major drawback of the game but we expect it to fix soon. Overall this game is really interesting and one of the Best Android Games these days.

 PES 2018

This game is also one of the Best Android Game. Soccer is the most popular game in the world and the game on this topic is the revenue generator for any company. Konami, the producer of this game definitely in profit as only Pes 2018 is an only worthy game which can compare to FIFA. Obviously, FIFA is the best soccer game but pes have the better gameplay. FIFA is great in graphics but in android, I prefer PES 2018 then FIFA.

Best Android Games

There are some bugs which are needed to fix as soon as possible, but still, this game is awesome. We are waiting for the new update of the game. This game in 2nd on my list of Best Android Games.


NOVA 3 is the best game on android. The best part about this game is that this game is compatible with almost all the android devices which are the great feature of this game. Full form of NOVA 3 is Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance 3. This game is the must play the game because of the great gameplay, graphics, and storyline. One of the Best Android Games.


Best Android Games

I put this game on the top 3 list because of the gameplay of the game. Besides gameplay, this game also has the really interesting storyline, because of a storyline, this game is the whole new level.

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