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EA Sports FIFA Completed There 25 Years Milestone, Surprise!!


EA Sports FIFA, this game is on whole other new level. This game is ebide with the most realistic graphics. Obviously, it’s exepected to be because this game is develop by EA. The main point of this blog is that EA SPORTS FIFA there 25 year milestone. The first release of  the game was on 15 July 1993 and the game completed 25 year milestone. This game is most loved game of all the time due to it’s graphics, game play etc. EA combine the game and technology in such a manner that it blast market when they launch there any kind of game and FIFA, already said it’s on whole new level.

It’s not just about FIFA, all the game launched by EA is blast. For me. there is no match for EA. EA Sports FIFA as completed there 25 years milestone there must be some updates but our sources have no record about this. As a matter of fact EA is able to sold more than 150 million copies of the game FIFA . Many people believes that FIFA fall behind the EA game CALL OF DUTY it’s there own thinking but for me FIFA is all above them. The journey of the game EA SPORTS FIFA is great. The first launch of the game is on 15 July 1993 and now the latest release is on the September 29 2017. This game was FIFA 18. This game is best till now comparing to all the other part of the game. It’s obvious as FIFA 18 is latest part of the series.

EA Sports FIFA first release their game on Sega genesis a 16 bit home video gaming console which was FIFA 1993 and EA is on urge of launching of FIFA 19. All of major point is that EA Sports FIFA completed there 25 years of journey and milestone which worth of appreciations and major respect to the EA for developing such a beautiful game and make our generation worth of living and playing games. Major hale to the EA. This article gives major respect to EA and congratulate them for completing there 25 year milestone.

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