‘Fortnite’ is on one year milestone. It’s the ‘anniversary’ of ‘Fortnite’.

fortnite anniversary

The most trending game of the present timeFortnite just complete there one year milestone. As the epic game launch this game densely popular multiplayer online survival game and now approx. 126 million players are connected with this game and the earning of this game is one billion so far. This game launch in PC just for 40$ and now this game is worth billion. The concept of the game was player battling with the computer control zombies but the update of the battle royal gives turn to this 40$ game. Now the players. 100 players actually have to compete with each other. The PUBG concept lit the game and now the game is in FIRE. Anniversary update is awsome.

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And now the major part is what will be the update for the birthday game. So, for help the players celebrating the birthday the theme will be change according to it. Fortnite develop the theme for the battle royal. This new feature embrace with the birthday cakes hidden throughout the virtual map. There will be some birthday themed challenged for the users to enjoy the one year milestone of the beloved game. The game site polygon also show us that user can unlock players by finding all the hidden cakes in the game. Anniversary makes the game more beautiful. Fortnite makes million of dollars as the million users purchase outfit weapons and tools. Fortnite also add streamers and ballons to some part of the game, most probably on the flying bus. The success of the game is like a bonanza for the Epic games. Epic games is the chinese company for games.


This game recently earn 1 billion dollars and this report is according to the data of gaming intelligence company Superdata  So, this game is on fire we can say and it’s obvious that the company is on urge to making 1 billion$ to 2$ billion  dollars in 2018. We, are waiting for this game to release in android and the latest news said that it will be happen soon enough. The anniversary of this game is the indication that Fortnite gonna blast the time soon enough.


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