Fortnite will be exclusively available on Samsung note 9 for 30 days via purchasing.


The most trending game of this time, Fortnite will be soon available on an Android. Can you believe this?. Yes, this will be happen in the late September. All, the Android users should be happy. Now, our main topic is about something that will blow your mind. It’s that Samsung is going to launch the Fortnite for the Note 9 users. According to rumors  Samsung will announce there Android phone Note 9 on 9th August and the opening of pre-orders will be soon on 14th august. Samsung note 9 will be publicly available till 23rd of august. So by this we can estimate that Fortnite will be available on Samsung note 9 till 24 to 26th of September and we can estimate that Fortnite will be release on Android on late September. So, this is the happy news for all the Android users.

Here something more important is that the Strategy used by Samsung to increase there sale of Samsung note 9. The sale will definitely increase as the game is blast of today’s time. Every Android user want’s to play this game on their Android mobile. To gain the sale of Samsung note 9 they also provide some  stuff for the note 9 users. They will provide Fortnite goodies for who pre order the phone. On other hand they will also provide v-bucks of Fortnite of worth 100-150$ do they can use it in the game. Samsung users should buy the phone as i know everyone loves Fortnite. 

Now the main point is that we can estimate that Fortnite be soon available on Android. So, the Android users should be happy and can estimate that the gamewill be available on Android till late September. We, all knew that this game update there theme as they just completed there one year milestone. There Royal battle feature boost this game and all the Android users are expected to play this game as soon as possible.

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