The Best Adult Game In Android I Ever Played, Summertime Saga

summer time saga

This Game is really on whole new level in terms of 18+ content. This is really super adult game. Best thing about this is that this game is in 2D version. Summertime Saga is really addicting , so if you want some fun then you should play this 2D versionThis is about the normal high school person who had his normal life till his father died due to some reasons. This is life simulating game so you are the main character as a normal boy. So, due to that incident he lost all of his concentration about studies, he was all at low. So, by the passage of time he get normal. He live with his aunt who is also his landlady. She offered him a room where he can live. In this game all the characters are super smart and hot. So, this boy started gaining back his life. He had some friends in neighbor. So, he return to his school back and due that incident he had really bad result in all of his subject. This is the moment when the moment of you start. This 2d version is with great story-line and adult content. All we have to do is put some mind and you will  enjoy the 18+ content of the game. So, as his grade is not good, all teacher had sympathy with him and help him to increase his grades. Matter of fact is that all the teachers are femaleThis fact really makes game more interesting. They give us (main character) different task which are really interesting to do. By doing that task we gain some trust and in the they give us something, you can imagine from here. This version also have the  time escaping system so that you can save time.


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